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Why You Should Consider Using Whiteboard Videos When Teaching Whiteboard videos are taking the whole world by storm and they fulfill many different communication purposes. Did you know that whiteboard videos can actually improve the way we learn? Aside from the fact that whiteboard videos can easily catch our attention, they are also very educative and entertaining. Believe it or not, the best way to explain complex concepts is through whiteboard videos. For me to convince you why this is the case, let us first discuss how people understand or grasp a complicated concept when trying to learn it for the very first time. Most if not all new concepts are just added extensions of existing ones. Each time we are presented with a new and a complex concept, out brain tends to associate it with a similar concept that we have already learned in the past. This method makes it easier for us to grasp a new concept faster and in an effective way.
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To successfully learn a complex concept, you must know how to hold numerous ideas in your mind. This is the reason why a lot of instructors utilize visual representations whenever they are teaching. Learning through visual representations is not only very effective, it also allows us to recall the concept a lot easier.
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Let us not go back to the main topic of this article, why is it best to use whiteboard animation when teaching a very complex concept? Whiteboard animation is one if not the best visual representation that will help your audience or students learn. This is a very powerful communication tool that promotes effective learning. Because this is a video (like watching a movie or a TV show), you will easily capture the attention of your audience or students. They will find your topic and method of teaching very entertaining. Another good reason as to why you should utilize whiteboard videos when teaching is because you can easily associate it with already existing concepts in the minds of your viewers. No matter how complex the concept you are trying to teach them, they will be able to understand it more clearly. This should change the way people learn. If you think about it, whiteboard videos are very similar to a typical classroom setup. The narrator or voice-over acts as the teacher or the moderator and the animations are the concepts being drawn or written on the blackboard. Because this stimulates a learning environment, it is a fact that it’s viewer learn a lot from it. When planning to explain, teach, motivate, or inform, why not try using a whiteboard video to effectively reach out to your target audience?