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The Many Ways You can Create New Items from Old Ones

You can come up with several ideas about how you can make something new from the old items that you have. A great thing that you can do is to raise your shoe bar. You know very well that shoe clutter and the mess in the closet is really a common problem for people with those who are addicted to shoes. You will be able to find an excellent solution to this and you can have a chic shoe bar which permits you to put your favorite pairs on display and this also offers a vertical solution to space saving.

You must know that with this kind of project, there is no hammering or drilling needed to be done. For you to create something like this, you will just have to search for lightweight polyurethane decorative molding and then cut this into 24-inch strips. You may then paint this into a hue that you like so that you can match this with the palette in your bedroom. For you to be able to attach this on the wall, then you can put a removable picture-hanging strip. You need to put six in each piece of molding to be able to secure it. Each bar can then hold three to four pairs of heels.

On the other hand, you may create a rustic jewelry display. Through this, you can keep the necklaces as well as the bracelets nice and tidy. You can simply check out the garage. You would get surprised at how well that vintage rake head would look and hold those necklaces and bracelets and keep them untangled. Through this, you will also be able to hang them beautifully on the wall.

You must not throw the old plastic bin at home since you can actually come up with a mobile storage with this. You may cover this with the use of the durable jute rope and then put metal casters so that you can come up with a mobile toy box.

You can also come up with a tea tin herb garden. If you have those antique coffee and tea tins in your house, you can repurpose them so that you can make adorable planters for those fresh herbs. You may them on the fridge since they are magnetic and such means that you will get to save some space on your counter and you can use the fresh herbs for cooking.

There are other ideas that you can go for when you want to make new items from the old things that you have. You can go online so that you can find those websites and blogs where you can get great ideas that you can use.