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Best Prevention Measures against Flea and Ticks in Pets

Pet owners will at all times have a great regard for their pets. You will find that in most cases the pet is the third member of our families after our spouses and children. Reasons why pets can be so dear to us is because pets naturally show us more affection than most of our closest friends. Pets are also known to show peculiar trust and loyalty to their owners more than human friends can possibly exhibit. Human beings naturally fall in love with things and people that can easily show them trust and loyalty. For this reason, more often than not, you will find that pets are usually close to the heart of their owners. Commonly kept human pets will include cats, dogs, chimpanzees and monkeys Dogs and cats however, excel in this art of proving their loyalty to their masters.

If pets are close to our hearts, certainly anything that vexes them will vex us too. The greatest bother in cats and dogs are the pests. These parasites include ticks and fleas and bring a number of problems for pets including the following: Irritation and itching, wounds due to persistent scratching, disease transmission and so on.

Seeing the challenges that these pests pose, we need to find a way of keeping them away from our pets. The ways that we choose for keeping out pests from our pets should not endanger our pets. Several methods of tick and flea prevention exist but we will discuss the flea and tick drops, the dog flea and tick pills and the flea and tick collar prevention methods in dogs and cats.
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Administration of chewable pills is one way of tick and flea prevention method in dogs. When these pills are administered, your dog remains protected for a specific time frame depending on the pills used. These pills are usually specific to the stages of growth of your pet and as such care should be taken to ensure that the right pill is given to the right age-group of your dogs. Finally for dogs, you can also use flea and tick drops as a way of pest prevention.
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For cats, pest prevention can be done by use of two main methods: the flea and tick drops and the use of flea and tick collars. In cats, the flea and tick drops are administered in a similar way as they are to dogs. The tick and the flea collar is a type of a collar worn on the neck of the cat. The collar works by systematically releasing portions of pesticide to the head and neck regions of the pet thereby killing any pests present. Flea and tick collar reviews are important for helping you to choose the best collar for your pet. These reviews are readily available online.