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Dark Web Surfing: Mistakes to Avoid

There is good reason why it’s called the dark web or net and there are so many things you can do in there that aren’t really conventionally allowed by usual internet standards. Yes, there is no argument when it comes to the fact that the dark net community is a breeding ground for some illegal activities, but it also is an open secret that millions of internet users find it very helpful to them, no matter what their purpose of using it.

Considering that you might find yourself in trouble when surfing or using the deep web, it only makes sense to learn what mistakes you should avoid making.

First things first, you have to know that most law enforcement agencies are clueless as to where or how to locate darknet sites because of the use of all sorts of software to make them anonymous. However, you do have to be reminded that it’s not a complete confidence booster because if you make silly mistakes like talking about your experience in the dark web and leaving your details in the process in social media sites and forums, you just might have given authorities a lead on how to pursue you.
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Another mistake you just might have already committed is posting pictures that contain your personal information in the metadata. Be reminded that the police can use the information to build a case against you.
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Furthermore, not all users realize that even though darknet markets are generally secure, they still can get trapped once they alternate using surface websites. A very dumb way of committing this type of mistake is by appearing to be very cautious about revealing your identity online by using VPN, only to forget later on that you actually entered your real address on Google Map. By doing so, you eventually sent Google traceable information.

If you’re shopping for goods and products via the dark web and you’re using bitcoins, you also are very prone to revealing your identity. The reason for this vulnerability is the fact that any transaction that uses bitcoin to purchase something will be deemed as part of public records. This means that the government can access it all the time to find out more about the parties involved in that transaction.

Lastly, perhaps the dumbest mistake you’re about to make when doing stuff over the dark web, more particularly buying things, is trusting everyone you meet and communicate with. Don’t get us wrong because we’re not saying every person you meet online has bad intentions; it’s just that you never can fully trust someone you never met personally. In order to prevent any serious trouble or getting scammed, you just have to put in the extra effort in investigating who you’re really dealing with right before you disclose your own information.