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Private number plates are not a preserve of the elites anymore, with countless affordable number plates available these days. As with any vehicle registration, all private number plates are different, combining numbers and letters to create a totally unique number plate. But it’s how these characters are fused that sets private number plates apart from ordinary car number plates.

Private number plates can mean people’s names, numbers with meaning to the owner, or specific words. One of the most common and affordable options is to purchase private number plates with your initials.

For those considering getting their car a new registration, it’s vital to learn how private registration plates are made. These number plates usually use numbers to stand for letters. For example, number 3 represents letter E. 2 is often read as R and 4 represents A. Other digits, for example 11, may be used to denote a U or H but there must be the menacing “bolt” between the digits.
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When purchasing personalized number plates, you simply cannot create your number plate using any characters you choose. The DVLA sets formats for private number plates and all personalized registration plates must follow specific formats. First of all, dateless number plates are also the oldest private registration numbers. These registration plates don’t come with any age identification and can be given to all cars, irrespective of age. Dateless registration plates come in two variants: letters after numbers and numbers after letters. As a general rule, it’s advisable to choose numbers after letters as it shows that the registration plate is authentic, usually older and thus more valuable.

Other kinds of private number plates include prefix and suffix car registrations. Prefix private registration plates have a letter that denotes the year of issue, then up to 3 letters and 3 numbers. The opposite of prefix plates, suffix plates come with 3 letters and around 3 numbers, as well as a last letter that stands for the plate’s year of issue. In the beginning, many thought that this registration format wouldn’t produce many good private registration plates. But, over the years, a few lovely examples have been unearthed, including RU55 ELL (Russell), and BLO7 GGS (Bloggs).

When getting a private registration plate, always keep in mind that you never can make car look younger than it really is. However, you can make your vehicle appear older. If you’re in doubt, speak to your number plate seller.

Putting a private registration plate on your car enables you to make it as special as you. When considering the various character combinations to use to create that perfect number plate, have as much fun as you can.