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Earn Extra by Selling Diabetes Test Strips Most of the diabetic people have the testing kits so that they can monitor the sugar levels. There many different brands of diabetic kits that are supplied to then and so it is easy for them to have extra testing strips that they are not using. The test strips do not stay for long before they expire. Do not allow this to happen as you have an option of reselling the testing kits and get your money back. You have an option of not letting the strips expire, but rather you can sell them to the needy or organizations. If you have extra diabetes test strips and the dates are okay, this is the right option for you to make simple money, all you need to undertake is that you send back the ones that you have not used and within a short time you will receive your cash just within some few days. Ensure that you put a name on the box before sending it back and also your home address for better identification. The process of reselling the test strips is easy. By reselling the testing strips that you are not using enables another person to have one to test the sugar levels with. Do not resend broken or bent testing strips. Do not send any broken strips, crushed boxes or expired boxes because they will not be accepted back. After the 180 days that are set for the testing strips to expire they cannot be accepted back, so if you need to make some money send the kits back before then. After 90 days when you send back the testing kits you are paid half the amount. The diabetic testing are not available and affordable by everybody, and so by selling them you are helping someone who might be in need of the testing kits. The brands will also set the cost of how the testing kits will be sold. You can also sell the extra diabetic kits from friends and family members so that you can help that person in need and return make some money. The diabetic strips come in different brands. During the initial stages of diabetes you might purchase different brands and after selecting a favorite one, the rest you can send back and get back your money, if you will not use the boxes there is no need of just leaving them to gather dust, and then they end up in a dustbin somewhere. For those people who use the diabetic strips they have an idea about the strips, and they know that they are pricy items. you can be able to participate by reselling the testing strips to the organizations that support them at an affordable price. Sell all the extra test strips instead of throwing them.Practical and Helpful Tips: Health

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